In this sector work is being done on the design, construction, installation, management and maintenance of telecom networks from underground to great heights. It has developed into a sector that can no longer be ignored in the IT infrastructure and offers a wide range of employment opportunities. Attentus is well versed in this industry and we offer opportunities to work in positions such as engineer, planner, work planner or fiber optic engineer.


This sector is made up of various subsectors such as process engineering, equipment construction and the metal industry. Due to population aging and insufficient recruitment, the Netherlands has a growing shortage of specialized technicians. Attentus is constantly looking for European workers for challenging and creative jobs, such as: insulation mechanic, central heating engineer, plumber, welder, meter or mechanic of non-residential construction.


Within this sector the focus is on the manufacture of products, materials and articles with the help of automation and robots. The Dutch industry is mainly focused on food processing, electrical appliances (light industry) and chemistry and oil refining (heavy industry) or petrochemical industry. Attentus offers good job opportunities with a wide variety of jobs from production worker to head operator.


The Netherlands is known as a transport country par excellence. The ‘Gateway to Europe’ has large transport options for water, air or road. Transport is not possible without all the work that precedes it. In addition to good drivers, Attentus also offers functions for, among other things, warehouse employees, order pickers, packers, reach truck drivers, archive staff or team leaders.